Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finding time for yourself

Yesterday I wrote about selfishness and motherhood. How we can get caught up in the trap of putting our wants and needs before our children. As I continued to read further in the chapter of the book I quoted yesterday there was a section on finding time for yourself.

In order to give the best of ourselves to our children we need time for ourselves. When we feel refreshed, calm and happy we give that to our children.
Excerpt from Desperate:Hope for the mom who needs to breathe
" Day in and day out we give to our children, and it's a privilege to do so. I'm thankful for the opportunity to pour into my children, but when we choose to give the best of ourselves to them, we will need a break or we will  break. We will become desperate".
"I used to think me time, has selfish connotations but I think it's more selfish to go crazy and then to be fully alive for your children"
So Find a way to get out. Find your happy place, your soul filling and go."

This book was just what I needed to read. After throwing myself a pity party and lamenting on how I never get a break I needed to read about how being a parent requires work and sacrifice. I also needed to have confirmation that it is ok to want and need a break and to go out and get one. A refreshed mommy is a better mommy to her kids. So I am taking that break and going out tomorrow to get a massage and a hair cut which I haven't done in about a year. Then I can come home, refreshed and relaxed to by the mom that I want to be. Not a shell of a mom who wants to lay on the couch all day and do nothing!!


  1. I think this is a great reminder post :) It is conflicting to us as mothers to think about doing something for ourselves for any amount of time over our primary role of taking care of our kids. We underestimate the importance of taking care of ourselves. In whatever form we need. Motherhood is a hard job. We need those breaks to recharge so we can give our kids our best. And I also remember when I'm having one of those days of complaining and wishing I had more free time that this time that my daughter is young is just temporary. In a few years she will be independent and busy doing her own thing where I will have more time to myself than time with her so I try to appreciate this time now while I have it. :)

  2. self care is the MOST important element in life. it keeps you awake aware and ready for life whether it be for friends, work, family and kids!