Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Mommy Advice

One of my best friends is due any day now. And although I am def not an expert when it comes to parenting I decided to send her a cute little email with new mommy advice. Just some things I've learned along the way and I thought I'd share it with anyone. Feel free to add to my list!

1. Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. Nothing compares to it. It is amazing how much you can love someone you have never met. Then that just multiplies after they are born.

2. You think you are emotional now, it gets worse after the babies are born. Your hormones are fluctuating and trying to settle down. Everything and anything will still make you cry. It's ok, just go with it. You have a new excuse, It's your mom hormones!

3. Take lots of pictures. They grow so fast it is unbelievable

4. Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is something I did not do and I regret it

5. In the beginning don't worry about the baby's schedule. All they do is eat and sleep!

6. Do not worry about your baby sleeping all the time. I did and my dad told me that in a few months I would be wishing she would be sleeping all day again. He was right. Sleeping is how their brain develops and they can never get enough sleep.

7. Do not wake your baby up to eat. Let them sleep! You will thank yourself for it the next day especially if you are able to sleep longer that night or get in a nap

8. Don't be afraid to ask friends for help. Even if it's just to get out of the house or have someone over for adult conversation. It helps big time

9. Don't stress too much about going back to work. If you do that's awesome. If you don't that's great too. You need to do what is best for your family and at the end of the day they are only babies for so long. One day you will be thinking that the newborn days last forever and the next day you will have a 4 month old who is cooing and laughing and growing out of things so fast you can't keep up. Time flies and as exciting as it is watching them grow, it's sad how fast they grow up

10. Try not to stress about losing the baby weight. They say it takes a good year for your body to bounce back and even though you may lose all the weight right away things still won't fit quite the same. It's amazing how your body changes. I had no stretch marks at all during my pregnancy and now after they are everywhere. It's hard to feel pretty when things don't fit quite right and you have pink stretch marks and cellulite everywhere. But at least we have an excuse. We gave birth and are mom's! It's not that we let ourselves go.

11. I just heard this recently and thought it was so true. As much as you love your baby, babies are meant to grow up and one day leave you. Your husband may never grow up but he is not supposed to leave you. So time spent with him is very important. The best thing you can give your child is loving their father. ( Remember this on days you want to scream at them for sleeping until noon while you are washing the floors with a baby in your hand. True story!!) You and your hubby's relationship is what set's the example for how your kids will grow up to be husbands and wives( I read this from a book)

12. Call me anytime for anything. I'm here for you all ways

13. You can never spoil a baby or hold them too much. In fact they say that the more you do so the better. The more you respond to your babies needs the more you are teaching them security and safety. This leads to a less fussy, whiny and clingy toddler later on(Again this is what I've read but have had friends who have said this really is true) So hold away. In a year from now they aren't going to want to be cuddled all the time anyway and in 15 years from now they will probably be telling you they hate you. (I'm not looking forward to those days)

14. If you don't decide to go back to work join some sort of group that gets you outta the house or plan weekly play dates with friend's. This gives you time spent with adult's. If not you will go crazy

15. Everyone parent's differently. What works for some doesn't work for others. You have to do with what you are most comfortable with. If you want to let him cry it out, Do it. If you don't don't. It's as simple as that. You are the parent! Listen to people's advice with a grain of salt. You can follow it or discard it. That's what's great about being a parent. You are in charge and at the end of the day you guys have to do what works best for you and your family.

16. Don't compare your baby to others or freak out if they are not meeting the milestones the books say they should be at a certain age. Everyone develops differently and at their own pace.

17. The Sophie giraffe toy is the best 24 bucks ever spent. Its a teething, squeak toy in one. Gianna loves her's. Just don't let Spirit get near it. She will think it's for her like my dog's did so I had to go out and buy another one. But it is the only toy Gianna is interested in

18. Stock up on diapers and wipes. You can never have to many. Sams is good or I hear or pamper's online are always running specials.

Some of these things are topics her and I have discussed personally and have worried about, ie the baby weight, working, etc,etc. And some of this advice people won't agree with. And that's cool too. That's why I believe at the end of the day parenting is a personal thing. Only you can raise your child and you have to do it how you feel is right!

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  1. I'm going to have to remember to come back to this when I'm pregnant someday.