Friday, November 4, 2011


I was so nervous leading up to my interview. I dropped Gianna at a friends house and had a mini panic attack driving my interview

For those of you that don't know I am/was a behavioral therapist who provides ABA therapy to kiddos with autism

I pulled up to the clinic, took a deep breath and walked in. The clinic site was amazing. Three huge rooms full of toys. Whereas in Nc I drove from client to client and had to provide all my own toys here I would be working out of the clinic. The employees were so welcoming and friendly whereas in Nc they had all worked together for years and were very cliquey. I loved it. I could def see myself working there and I love everything they stood for. As the Interview went on I grew more and more comfortable with the thought of working there part time

Until pay was brought up. Since they are non profit and work off funding the pay is barely more than minimum wage. Now I wouldn't care. You don't really go into this field to be rich. But now I have a baby. Who needs childcare if I go back to work. And if I went the nanny route my nanny would be making more than me. If I went the daycare route I'd prolly bring home 50 bucks a month after daycare

So I will have to pass on the job. If I had family in town to watch her for free I would take it in an Instant. But to work just to work doesn't make sense when I have a beautiful lil girl at home who is growing up so quickly. So a stay at home mom my new job will be

I'm glad I went to the interview. I will support this clinic that opened up and maybe a few months From now I will revisit the option and see if they are still hiring

But today now that I'm done stressing over the thought of leaving her and going to work I am going to cuddle on my couch with lovebug.

Thanks everyone for your kind words about this! I appreciate it

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  1. I commend you going ahead and doing the interview, giving it so much thought and consideration. Now you don't have to ever wonder "what if".