Friday, November 11, 2011


One of the things I've learned about being a milspouse is that with our husbands being gone all the time and our families being so far away the best thing to do is to keep busy. Getting together with friends, joining some sort of meet up group, etc. It really helps

When we moved to Fl some of my good friends stayed behind in NC. I knew only a handful of people here and while everyone has kids, Gianna is the youngest by a few years. I had found a moms group on meetup, went to the first get together and knew it wasn't for me. The moms were older, quite older and we didn't have much in common

I knew a lot of people back in Nc that were a part of a MOPS group. I saw one advertised here in FL but when I looked it up and saw Moms of Preschoolers I thought I couldn't join. Wrong! I found out it's for kids 0- kindergarten age. So I went to my first Mops meeting a few weeks back to try it out

I was surprised by how many people were there. They have everyone broken down into small groups and the meetings start out with a devotion(nothing to preachy) small group discussion usually planning a mommy and me outing or discussing local events in town followed by either a craft or a speaker that comes to talk with us. One meeting I made countdown to Christmas blocks and at yesterday's meeting I listened to a local couple talk about their 25 year marriage and how to keep your marriage alive and thriving when adding kids to the mix. It was a truly great meeting

I also officially joined MOPs yesterday. I feel so welcomed there and have met so many great women. It's a great support system for moms and also a great way to get out of the house every so often. I know I'd go crazy staying in the house everyday. It's just nice to get together with a group of women and talk! It's also nice to find those with babies Giannas age and get sleep schedule advice, or teething advice and just to find that everything I'm going through someone else is going through

It's so refreshing to get together with a group of women who love being moms. Im probably describing this wrong. Obviously everyone is in agreement that having a baby and raising kids isnt going to be fun everyday. When you are exhausted and covered in baby puke there are times when everyone wants a break. So getting together and laughing about that stuff and talking with adults is such a great outlet. I haven't met one preachy mom whose kids are better than everyone and whose life is perfect. I haven't met the stay at home mom who looks down on working moms and I havent met the working mom who could never be the stay at home mom. Instead I've met other moms, like me who is discovering the joys of motherhood along with me and who are looking to meet other moms and to get out of the house very so often. Sure not every woman there is going to become my new best friend. But to meet others in the same situation at you is always nice

I feel since having Gianna some of my friends have lost touch. People who don't have kids don't understand how things change, people who do constantly want to rip apart your parenting and tell me what I'm doing wrong. And then there are the friends who constantly complain about having kids. One of my friend wrote on Facebook the other day that she is going to resign herself to the fact that being pregnant is boring and that life with a baby is prolly worse that life being pregnant. Wow!

So to meet a group of normal woman who enjoy being moms is what I needed. I am so glad I joined this Mops group and for those moms out there looking to get outta the house and meet other moms I'd highly recommend it

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  1. I love MOPS too! It gives both me and I think the babe something to look forward to every other week, plus the play-dates are always fun!

  2. I am so thankful for MOPS! There is just something about being together with a group of women who get what you are going through.

  3. I know a few gals who feel the same exact way about MOPS and i look forward to it sometime in my future :)!!!

  4. I am so glad you found a wonderful group of ladies! :)

  5. So glad you found something so great! :-)