Monday, December 6, 2010

Wives of Faith-Christmas Carnival Day 1

I am so excited to participate in the Christmas Blog Carnival hosted by Wives of Faith
. To join in on the fun go HERE

Today's topic is Your favorite Christmas tree ornament or Christmas decoration – Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament or decoration? You know, the one that once it is in its rightful place, you know it’s Christmas. Write about it–why is it special? What does it look like? What does it mean to you? If you include a picture of this treasure in your post, you’ll get an extra drawing entry for one of the prizes.

My favorite Christmas decoration is this..

The Willow Tree Nativity. I was at a friend's house a few years ago and fell in love with this piece. I immediately had to go and buy it for my own personal collection. During the holiday season we all get caught up with buying gifts, making holiday plans with family and friends and traveling that we sometimes lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. I have this piece proudly displayed in the center of our living room on top of our bookcase and every time we look at it it reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.There is more to Christmas than buying gifts or receiving them for we received the greatest gift a long time ago and that is God's son Jesus who was born to die for our sins. As a child and even today I have always been fascinated with the Christmas story. I always wandered what Mary and Joseph felt during their journey, both before and after Christ was born. I watch the movie the Nativity Story constantly and love reading books based on the Christmas Story. So this piece means a lot to me for it is a constant reminder of God's love for us and his ultimate sacrifice.


  1. I have a few Willow Tree decorations myself. That is a nice one you have! You are right. We can't lose sight of the true reason for the season. Merry Christmas!

  2. I love Willow Tree figurines, especially the one you have! And you're right - we already received the greatest Christmas gift and it can't be found under a tree! :)

  3. Beautiful! Also, I'm new to you blog and your caption under your header is the sweetest thing ever!