Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Ramblings

This weekend I did nothing other than lay around all day and watch reality tv. And I came to some conclusions about the shows I watched. So enjoy my random Ramblings and opinions

1. Why is it that in any show portraying families who are dealing with money issues that the women always have their hair and nails done. Take BridalPlasty, The Real Housewives and Teen mom. Each show has someone that is experiencing money issues, either they can't pay their bills, were evicted from
Their homes or filed for bankruptcy yet I am always amazed to see they always are talking about these financial woes with a fresh Mani/ full set of nails and a pedi. Where do they find the money for that stuff If they can't afford gas or diapers for their kids

2. Back to BridalPlasty- a show competing for a total makeover before the wedding of their dreams. I thought maybe the girls on the show would be obese or in desperate need of plastic surgery. Nope these girls are all gorgeous in their own way! Sure some may need to tone up or diet before their wedding but what bride hasn't felt the need to do that. They don't need plastic surgery to be beautiful and their fiancées clearly love them
The way they are so why go through all the trouble. When a bride is let go the host says You will still have your wedding, it will just not be perfect. A wedding is about two people vowing and pledging their love for one another. Who cares if someone was married in a courthouse or on a yacht. Everyones wedding is perfect in it's own way. What kind of message is this show sending to young girls everywhere

3. Kathy Griffith-although she says she is not a bully I feel that she is. Did anyone watch the Divas USO concert live in Kuwait. She bashed Bristol Palin by calling her the white precious and making fun of her weight gain on dancing with the stars. Why crack jokes about a political figures daughter at a military event.I think she's rude, crass, insensitive and not that funny. Again that's just my opinion. My blog my opinions lol

4. Kelsey and Camille Grammer. I used to love Kelsey Grammer. I think he's hysterical and loved Fraiser, cheers and even seeing him in one of the Xmen movies. But watching the real housewives of Beverly Hills and watching his obnoxious ex wife flaunt her plastic surgery enhanced body, flirt with a guy half her age, create drama and
Brag about her four nannies and two surrogates for her kids makes me wander if he is as conceited and obnoxious as her

That's all for now. What irritate you all about realty tv

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  1. OM Gosh, I agree what you said about Camille Grammer, I can't stand watching her, but I continue to watch. It kinda seems like she is on drugs or something sometimes.

    I'm a big reality TV buff, and even though a lot of it makes me roll my eyes, I still LOVE to watch it :)

  2. I just want to smack Camille Grammer!!! She is just disgusting!

  3. I agree about Bridalplasty! I just can't fathom the show at all...

  4. I have to admit... I have a slight obsession with Real Housewives. However, I CANNOT stand Camille Grammer. Who does she think she is? "I find myself to be very generous, I give my friends houses to stay in" What the heck?? She is sooo rude!

  5. kelsey grammer filed for divorce with her!! thank goodness... she is so obnoxious! ps. i was named after him :)

  6. i think bridal plasty is an awful show and i'd bet alot of those marriages will fail afterwards. I dont think my husband would have married me if i did that! and omg i watch all the real housewives and I want to punch camille in the face! I def dont think her hubs should have cheated on her but man does she have issues!

  7. I've always wondered about that with people in general. I see it a lot at work. Patients come in with serious disease processes (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) and want us to take care of it because they can't afford the medications or the treatment. Yet I'm always amazed at their brand new mani, their hair extensions, and of course, designer bags and clothes. Seems to me they do have the means, they just choose not to handle it appropriately. Aggravating, it is.

  8. Oh my goodness, it's like you took the words out of my brain.
    1) Stop spending money on your nails and take care of what matters!
    2)The one girl who deserved some plastic surgery (because she'd had a mastectomy for cancer) was kicked off first
    3) Kathy Griffith isn't funny. She's just lewd, obscene, and just plain mean.
    4) 4 nannies. 2 kids. RIDICULOUS
    Haha, looks like we watch some of the same * wonderful * tv ;)

  9. LMAO! Awesome post! Bridalplasty is seriously disturbing but so addicting. I can't NOT watch. I'm a huge fan of anything howives related and the antics and entitlement of these people just crack me up. No job, no child support but they can go lease/buy an ashton martin ala Sheree Whitfield and then get it repo'd and go and get another car? Nonsense. And it's pretty pathetic to pick on a 19 year old...leave that girl alone! There are so many other celebutards to pick on that are worthy of teasing. I don't get the Palin hate at all.

  10. Amen to your bridalplasty comment!! I actually just blogged about it a few days ago... the way the send a contestant home was AWFUL! What a message to send... but of course, I suppose there is a reason they call it "Trash Television"