Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm wearing my Crabby Pants Today

You would think with all the sleeping I've been doing on this trip home I wouldn't be crabby. But today I am and here is why

1. Nausea has kicked in in full force. I'm talking all day nausea, the kind that gets no relief. I constantly feel like I'm going to throw up and never do, instead I spend all day dry heaving. Its quite fun. Although in all honesty I read the sicker you are the healthier the baby, whether or not it's true it makes me feel better so I will take any kind of nausea and sickness as long as it means baby is healthy.

2. My brothers dog is annoying. Now I consider myself a dog person. There isnt a dog I don't love. I'm the girl that sees a stray on the side of the road and pulls over to try to get the dog in my car so I can take it to a vet. But my brothers dog is something else. She is a lab like ours but obnoxious. She barks at everything. She bites when you go to pet her and she is constantly walking and jumping all over people and things. If your laying on the couch she jumps right on top of you, if your sitting on the floor she's staring at your barking non stop. The other day I gave in and went to pet her and got teeth marks imprinted on my wrist where she bite me cause she was playing. I understand she's a puppy but my brother does nothing to stop this. He pays her no attention, never tells her to get off the furniture or to stop jumping on people. When she bite me he said it was because I don't like her. Ugh I am always glad when we get to leave this dog behind. Even my dogs barely tolerate her and they love to play with other dogs

3. My hair is pissing me off. In July I cut it short and have been growing it out. Since it had been cut into an inverted bob the lengths were a little uneven. So when I went in last week I asked her to cut it all one length. So my hair should have been about shoulder length. Then I asked for a few layers in the back mostly on top so it would appear I has volume. My hair is super thin and when it grows long it looks even thinner. My hair stylist had the haircut I wanted so I even said just like yours, no short layers cause the last thing I want to be is 9 months pregnant with short hair. I have a super round face so short hair tends to make me look a little heavier than I am. Did she listen, nope she cuts super short layers in the front if my face, im talking ear length layers framing my face and the left the back long. Yup you guessed it, I have a modified Rock mullet hair cut. I hate it. And to confirm my suspicions the hair cut makes me look heavy. Double chin heavy cause it does not frame or enhance my face it all. Its not a flattering cut. And headbands or any cute accessories only make the cut look worse cause of how short the layers are. Hopefully the cut grows out fast. I cannot do maternity pics with short hair. I know how conceited and immature do I sound. But as I'm sure you all can relate, it's my hair and it's something that makes me feel pretty and confident. As my waist expands and I gain weight I at Least want pretty hair, not a short mullet style!!

Oh well. What am I doing complaining. We are blessed with an addition to our family,I havetwo weeks off work and was able to go home so we can visit with our family and friends and I have a wonderful husband who humors my ever changing mood swings. All in all I have more to be happy about than crabby about!

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  1. Yeah I hear ya, I got a haircut this week and HATE it!

    Isn't your hair supposed to grow fast when you are pregnant?

    Enjoy your break the best you can! Merry Christmas!

  2. okay girl BREATHE!!!!! i'd text you but for whatever reason my phone isn't working the hospital the past 2 days! your prenatual vitamins should make your hair grow pretty fast beause i took them to make my hair grow out and to keep it healthy. as far as the dog umm set it free lol i can't stand or tolerate dogs like that!!!! it will get better it has too :)

  3. I hope you start feeling better soon. Congrats on the baby! What an exciting time!

  4. prenatal vitamins will help your hair grow faster/healthier. Your finger nails too. ;o) I am not pregnant but I would be livid too about a bad haircut. I'm sorry it didnt turn out right.
    I hope your nausea eases up a bit. Try sucking on peppermint hard candy. That always helped me.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. I did the dry heaving thing alot believe me its going to come!! I am throwing up at least 4 times a day and have lost 14 pounds since I got pregnant and I think your only like 2 weeks behind me. Your hair will grow out sooo much! I am bummed I cant color my hair though...I am sure I can but I am just avoiding all that stuff all together!
    Enjoy your time at home!!