Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Dr's Apt!

Today was our first dr's appt. We had to cut our trip home short to make it but it was well worth it!

I'm being seen at the OB clinic at the posts hospital and was a little nervous to go there since I had heard horror stories. Two weeks ago when they called to make my apt I was shocked that I had no input in day or time. They schedule it for you. Originally my apt was just for an initial meeting where they would get my history. An ultrasound and physical was scheduled for Jan 18.I was a little bummed since M would be gone but oh well there wasn't anything I could do. Than on Tuesday this week they called and asked me to come in for an all day apt where they would do labs, my intake paperwork, a full exam, ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat. I was ecstatic since that would mean M would still be here for all that. Than the nurse asked if I was 13 weeks. I said no only 9. So she said that wouldn't work and schedule the physical and stuff for a later date. So today we went in for labs and to get my history and fill out paperwork.

I have to say I was so impressed by the staff and clinic. They were all so sweet and nice and I felt safe there.

After the paperwork was completed the nurse confirmed my apt for next week where we would get to hear the heartbeat. When M said he would be deployed she said she would go get a monitor and try to get the heartbeat for us. She warned us that since I wasn't fully 10 weeks that we shouldn't be worried if we didn't hear anything. She left the room and came back whispering for us to follow her. She told us we couldn't tell anyone what she was doing and she led us to the ultrasound room where a tech did a quick ultrasound. We were able to see our little peanut who measured right on track at 9 weeks 4 days with a heart beat of 171 BPM. It was so amazing. Just seeing our little one was reassuring and exciting at the same time. We have been so blessed! And I couldn't thank the nurse enough who snuck an ultrasound for us so M would be able to see his little one before deploying!

Tomorrow we are off to register. I know totally early right but here's the thing. M leaves in a few days for an unknown amount of time. Could be anywhere from 2-6 months. Throw in a pcs in June which may possible be moved to April and out of town family members who want to throw us a shower in April we decided to get a head start on registering. I know it means alot for M to be included and to feel apart of everything even though he will be gone. I figure were not jinxing anything by registering as long as we aren't buying anything for ourselves.

So ladies any must haves I need to register for?

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  1. A moby wrap. My friends loved them.

  2. How exciting! So happy for you that M got to see his little one : )

  3. Congratulations! Registering for baby gear is fun =) I would definitely put things on there like crib, pack n play, swing (travel size is always easy for portability), but also diapers and wipes are awesome to get because you go through them SO fast at the beginning and it helps you save some $! Have fun!

  4. That is so sweet that they did that for you guys! I don't think it's bad that you registered early! Nothing wrong with being prepared right? :)

  5. Musts musts.

    1. moby wrap- dream come true.
    2. a swing- you will LOVE this and you will get lots of sleep because of it.
    3. TONS of receiving blankets- like 3-4 packs of 4 (12-16 total)
    4. just plain white onesies, don't even bother with "cute" newborn clothes, they just live in onesies for their first month of life.
    5. jjcole cover for carseat-for the winter time
    6. a second base- for a second car, life saver!
    7. a sterilizer- if you plan on breastfeeding and pumping
    8. DO NOT BUY A WIPES WARMER- will never use!
    9. Diaper pail- GREAT! we love the arm n hammer one
    10. baby bath towels- i wish we had registered for more than 1, i would register for like 3.
    11. 2-3 changing pad covers
    12. 2-3 pack n play and crib pads
    13. snuggle wraps

    obviously there are tons more to register for, but these 12 items I honestly, as a mom, could never live without! Well 11 items, since one of them was an item that i said not to register for, oh ya, and don't register for a sound sleeper, we got like two, and returned both because just about every item that baby has already has music (i.e. swing, pack n play, crib, etc). and don't register for toys... baby will get tons!

    hope this helps!

  6. How wonderful to be able to hear the baby!

  7. CONGRATS!!! we are bout to have our lil boy and so excitedddd
    enjoy every step of pregnancy

  8. Oh my goodness!!! I'm soo excited for you guys! It's been awhile since I have read everyone's blog so I didn't hear the great news till now! Yay!

  9. My little one hated the swing but adored the bouncy seat. I would definitely recommend one. Congrats again, so very exciting!

  10. The EXACT SAME THING happened to me! I was so hoping that I was 13 weeks but I ended up being 9 weeks and 5 days. Rowan's heartrate was 168 and people immediately started telling me she was a girl because of that:-)

    I would NOT register for a wipe warmer, bottle warmer, changing table, a sterilizer or any clothes.
    I would def register for:
    changing pad
    bouncy chair (this is useful when they're older)
    swing (this is useful when they're tiny)
    Ergo baby carrier (I'd say Moby but my husband would rather carry her in a paper bag that strap a Moby on himself - he says it's feminine)
    Cloth diapers (for burp cloths - the pretty ones are only nice to look at they really don't absorb)
    Tons of blankets
    Play mat
    A baby mirror for play and the car
    Travel system - you can take a baby home with NOTHING but they won't even let you leave the hospital without a baby seat!
    BIBS AND ONESIES - I got 3940384 of them and only now am realizing why...Rowan goes through about 3 of each of them in one day

  11. Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so exciting that he got to be there for the ultrasound!

  12. Congrats! How special your husband was able to hear your baby :) I would totally get a Boppy. Those things help so much when your arms are just exhausted, not to mention when they get a bit older you can set them down for tummy time or just to play. Don't forget an extra cover or two.

    As much crap as they've gotten from ignorant parenting, Bumbo seats are great too. They also have the tray you can buy to attach to it. You just obviously have to be smart about it, not set your kid on a dining room table or leave them alone.

    Have fun!

  13. SO great that M was able to see the little one!