Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

Yesterday morning the hubs and I safely made it to Milwaukee,Wi! Even though I have lived in Nc for almost two years now WI is still home to me.

This week is jam packed with festivities. Get togethers with friends and family and hopefully a lot of relaxation!

Funny story- I have blogged before about my white coat syndrome and my high blood pressure anytime I go to the dr. When I went a few weeks ago it was sky high. Well my mom is a nurse and she constantly is telling me I need to go get it checked. Well this morning she brought up the fact that she just so happened to have a blood pressure cuff since my dad has high blood pressure. The minute she brings the dam thing out I freaked and my heart started racing. Finally after four tries and many minutes of calming me down the reading came back perfectly normal!! woohoo. Now when I go to the dr's in a few weeks I can say it is only high due to anxiety!! Yay for me

Anyway back to this weeks festivities. Tonight we are getting together with M's family for dinner and then my brother's gf and I are going to see Black Swan. As a former ballerina I can't wait to see this movie

Monday- We are going to dinner with my cousin and her husband since they will be celebrating Xmas in england this year where my cousins husband is from

Tuesday- We are meeting M's best friend who was the best man at our wedding and his partner for dinner

Wednesday- Spending the day with my family. I believe the hubs is going to make us a traditional Italian dinner

Thursday- lunch with my girl friends, one who just had a baby who I finally get to meet and the other who is pregnant for the second time

Friday- Xmas eve with my dads side of the family

Saturday- opening up gifts at my parents and than Xmas day with M'a family

Sunday- Xmas with my moms side of the family

It's a jam packed week for us but Its so nice to be off work and spending quality time with the hubs and our families.

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  1. I always end up getting nervous when I go to the doctors and most of the time they have to double check my blood pressure because I'm so freaked out. Lol. I think it has something to do with all the nurses on base being so close to my age, I'm so much more used to nice little old ladies!

  2. I'm so glad that you got to go home for the holidays! Enjoy your time there :)

  3. Enjoy your time home. Merry Christmas! :)