Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Winter Doldrums

I love love this time of year. Everything about the season makes me smile, get togethers with family and friends, Christmas lights, hot chocolate and snow. We leave this Friday to head home to Wisconsin for two weeks and I can't wait!

Although it's finally turned cold
Here on Nc, I do miss the snow. And Fayetteville seems to be the town Xmas has forgotten. Hardly anyone decorates. Driving around at night you barely see any lights up. Maybe post is different but our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods have maybe one or two houses decorated.

In Wisconsin we have Candy Cane Lane, an entire neighborhood goes all out decorating and every day for the month of December people drive through and look at the decorations. They also have a Santa and volunteers from the Make A Wish foundation collecting donations.Wi also has Many Xmas activities, ice skating outside, Xmas plays, holiday of lights. Nothing here in Fayetteville so I can't wait to get home and be around snow and tons of holiday activities!

But what about after Xmas. I remember living in Wi by the time January hit the snow lost it's luster and people were waiting for warm weather to hit. Which wouldn't be until June! It was easy to get depressed and bored waiting for summer to start

Summer is full of beach trips and
Vacations, September is the start of school and fall, October you have Halloween, November thanksgiving and December Christmas. But nothing in January, yes February has valentines day but there is no major holiday or celebrations until Easter. Too bad we can't create a holiday for every month of the year. Cause I know when January comes around, the hubs will be leaving soon and the thought of taking down all my Xmas decorations depresses me.

I guess I just have to enjoy them while I can and take full advantage of two weeks off work to spend with the family and my

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  1. I feel your pain! January and February depress me, and MOST depressing is taking down the Christmas decorations :( I can't believe it's only 11 days away! I'm going to keep smiling and staying positive while I can ;)

  2. where I'm going to school, barely anyone decorates either! it was the same during halloween. I miss that about home.

  3. I feel you girl!!! There is nothing more depressing than taking down the Christmas tree!

  4. I agree, NY was a lot more decorated than NC too! I miss it!

  5. You're so right about Fayetteville. It just doesn't seem "Christmasey" around here :( Maybe we're just looking in the wrong places :P