Thursday, October 4, 2012

TGIF(well almost)

Thank god it's (almost) Friday. I am ready for this week to be over! I was really looking forward to these last few days with Gianna before baby boy is born but that wasn't in the plans for this week

Gianna was sick all week long which I chalked up to teething. We had just gotten off antibiotics for a viral infection and I didn't think she could be sick again. But my happy, smiley baby was a pure nightmare this week. An absolute terror. All she did was walk around the house aimlessly screaming and crying. I was losing my patience and becoming very frustrated. Last night after her screaming for a few hours I just put her in her crib and walked away. I couldn't take anymore. She screamed and screamed in her crib so after about a half hour and went and got her. She finally fell asleep on my lap and it was then I noticed the red bumps all over her hand. She had had a rash the day before but nothing major and when I bathed her yesterday it was nowhere near as prominent as it was now. I took a pic and sent it to my mom who is a nurse. She said it looked like chicken pox and told me to go to the er. I freaked. I myself have never had chicken pox and I know it can cause problems to women who are pregnant

So off to the er we went. The dr came in and confirmed she had strep throat and the rash was from the strep. At first he said I was to only give her Tylenol and told me to wait for dosage instructions. After waiting for two hours a nurse came in with a prescription for amoxicillin. By this point it was 11 at night and no pharmacies were open. Luckily they gave me a dose to give to Gianna that night and she slept until 8 this morning.Thank god

Though can anyone please explain to me why a child who is sick and hast slept in two days runs around like the energizer bunny during the day. It took me
A huge cup of coffee to get off the couch today

So today is pj day for Gianna and I. I'm looking forward to watching Cinderella with my lovebug and then curling up to read Jenny Mccarthys new book after she goes to bed.

I will also try to not kill my dogs today. Have I mentioned they ate all of Gianna's sippy cups this week. Off the counter where they were drying. Yup all 10 sippy cups. I'm ready to sell them. They have been so destructive lately and are too much to handle. But I try and tell myself they were my first babies and that I'd miss them if I got rid of them.

Anyway sorry for the random post. I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have been so frustrated with my dogs lately, too! Sometimes I just have to put them in the laundry room, put up the baby gate, and take a breather. They have been driving me nuts, especially Dixie (who licks Betsy in the face! But then at night, they'll snuggle up next to me, lay their heads in my lap, and I forgive them. Ugh!! Silly mutts! ;)

  2. Oh man! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

  3. hope she is on the mend. poor thing! my little one was sick this week, first time EVER and i had no idea how to fix it- it ended up being her top two molar cutting, OUCH!

    p.s. love those fur balls even if they drive you BANANAS... they just want attn too ;) good thing is you can ignore them, haha!

  4. Oh my word. I'm sorry hun! Such a rough week!! Hope things start getting back to normal soon.