Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pedicures and Pineapple

My dad arrived yesterday and that means one thing. Built in babysitter! Woohoo

I remember pre- baby how appalled I used to be when friends parents would come to visit and they spent their whole visit watching the kids. Way to take advantage. And then I had a baby and I understood. When your hubby is gone all the time and you rarely get a moment to yourself I say take full advantage of anyone offering to watch your kids! Especially when the grandparents come to visit. So I'm taking full advantage

Today a friend and I are off to get pedicures. Not going to lie I'm hoping the foot massage will jump start labor! And yesterday at the grocery store I bought a huge bowl of pineapple. Another old wives tale to jump start labor. We shall see if they work at all

I must say I am very excited to go and get pampered. No baby to worry about, no errands to run, no nap time to follow. Just a girlfriend and I relaxing for the afternoon. My feet are screaming for a pedicure

Now I just need my dad to wake up so I can start getting ready

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  1. Have fun getting pedi's! I SO need one. It's been months!

  2. Have a wonderful day pampering yourself! :)