Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Update on our House

This past May we bought our first home. We knew that once we moved to Fl we would be staying here for at least 10 years and wanted something to call our own.

The requirements for the house was simple. A fenced in back yard, three bedrooms and wood floors. We found what we wanted in an amazing short sale and are paying a crazily low monthly mortgage payment.

The kitchens and bathrooms need updating but the hubs has always wanted to do that ourselves. We redid one bathroom and were planning on knocking out the master bath and kitchen this spring and summer. Until the hubby got the itch

The itch to buy a new house that is. His reasoning... We are running out of room. When we bought this house we figured we'd be in it 3-5 years tips before buying a bigger house. But sadly it looks like we may be moving sooner.

The dining room is already a play room and other than there really isn't any space to grow. Gianna's room and the guest bed are small along with the closets and side we have out of town visitors alot once baby number two arrives guests will have no place to go.

The hubs doesn't want to spend alot of money and time remodeling when we know we will putting the house on the market soon. A few weeks ago we decided to put it in the market sometime this coming fall.

And then we found our dream home. The home we had pictured in our heads and talked about for years.two stories, 4 bed 3 bath. Plenty of room to grow. Right here in town. We contacted the realtor, walked through the home and swooned. Its the house I can picture raising our family in. The house I can envision Gianna descending the stairs in her homecoming dress to her awaiting date. I want it and so does he. We contacted the realtor who sold our home and she said we wouldn't make anything on this house. She also did say if we remodeled that wouldn't add any value.

So now here's the dilemma. Do we stay in this house for a bit since the payment is amazing or do we go for our dream home.

The hubs won't be happy staying in our current home and I don't want to make a rash decision. I'm so grateful and thankful to God that we have such an amazing home already and ideal selfish for wanting more.

Have any of you been in this situation? I'm torn and don't know what to do!

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  1. We had the same thing happen to us last Christmas (2010). We ended up staying in our current home and will for at least a few more years...mostly because we'd end up taking a loss on it. It was sooo hard to forget about the house that we went and toured. It was amazing. I'm so glad that we didn't jump into it in hindsight. Since your mortgage payment is so low, are you able to rent out your current house for a little more than you pay and also move into the new house?

  2. We've been in our home for 3 years now and we ran out of room a long time ago! We really need to buy a bigger home too!

  3. Ditto Danielle - maybe you could rent out the current home? There is something to be said about raising your kids in your forever home...it would be nice to have all the memories there :)

  4. wow. That is so hard!! We bought a home that we loved and when it was time to rotate could not sell it. We found renters at the last minute, but it was stressful there for awhile. But...I think you were blogging about money being tight awhile back? For me that would encourage me to stay in the current house, but if the hubs won't be happy it would make a big difference. No help here, I hope you're able to figure out a great solution!

  5. Oh, I could not be more on the same page with you than if I said this whole post myself.
    We are in the exact boat. We won't be moving for another year or two because we want to save up more money to put down as the down payment but I can promise you. The minute we have enough money to put the house in our budget we will also be finding our dream home. I say go for it, if you have the money for the monthly payments. As long as your not going to have to sacrifice going to the grocery store to pay your mortgage payment. If its within your means DO IT!!! :) It will be a great investment.
    Also to answer your question on my blog, the pinkalicious doll in my daughter Blake's room is from a co worker. I asked her where she got it and she said walmart. I never would have guessed that. She got all the pinkalicious books and the doll and a little pink dress for Blake for my baby shower. Its seriously such a cute doll. She said she thinks Target may have them also.