Friday, February 3, 2012

Mommy who?

My living room looks like a tornado went through it! Gianna has reached that stage where
Her toys are fascinating. She loves all of them and she moves from one to the other. It is so fun to watch

Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about how Gianna was so clingy and fussy anytime I left the room. That us not the case now. She could care less that I'm playing with her let alone in the room. She has become so absorbed in her toys. When they light up she's fascinated, when they talk to her she smiles and laughs and when they move or roll she crawls after them. I can spend minutes calling her name out but if she's engrossed in a toy she ignores me. 6 months old and already practicing selective hearing. To be honest though it worries me when she doesn't respond to her name. I immediately think the worst but I know it's because she's into her toys

And our dogs are her best friends. She watches them at all times cracking up at every little thing they do. And when she's playing with her toys she looks to make sure they are watching before doing something. Yesterday I had her in her walker and she looked around to make sure she had an audience and would then press the bottons and play with the toys on it. As soon as they moved or made sound she'd look to the dogs as if to see See how smart I am. Then she'd do it all over again. It was hilarious

And while it's so exciting to watch her actually understand toys and discover how to play with them I must admit its a little sad. I can plop her down with some toys and she's content. If she wants something shell let me know but she can now occupy herself for awhile. I can clean my house and catch up on things now even though mommy guilt kicks in and I feel like I should be interacting with her more. I know all the books say children learn through play and they have to learn how to play independently. But it does tug at my heart strings that my baby girl is becoming her own independent person.

I went to target yesterday to stock up on some things and they had a sale on clothes. I'm pretty much stocked up on clothes for her through 9 months but for some reason everytime I saw a cute 12 month outfit I'd put it down thinking it'll be awhile before she fits into that and started searching for smaller sizes. Then it hit me. 12 months is the size I need to start buying soon. Gone are the newborn days, Gone are the 3-6 month stage. She is growing up and fast. Becoming her own little person and growing and developing every day

It has been such a blast to watch!

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  1. So cute! I can't wait to play with my little girl.