Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bachelor

Every season I swear I'm not going to watch and then I find myself sucked in! During Ashley's season I did like Ben. I thought he was sweet and genuine. However I've found him dull, condescending and stupid. I mean the guy has fallen for every trick in the book that Courtney has pulled. You can tell he's def looking for a soul mate. Not! Courtney and her antics just disgust me and Ben falling for them is irritating

Courtney is your classic mean girl. I do not think she is pretty and whatever attractive qualities she does possess she ruined them by her bitchiness and I'm sorry her sluttiness

Have any of you seen Kelly Ripa's impression of her. It's hilarious. Courtney's facial expressions during the show crack me up. Again how is she a model!

It's sad that the whole world can see Courtney for who she really is and Ben can't. Even Ellen warned Ben about Courtney. Courtney is def a master manipulator

I hear Ben does chose her and I wander if after Watching the season he will see her for who she really is

Any thoughts on the topic?

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  1. I do not like her one bit. I also heard she is the one he picks and if so I guess I'm just not surprised. That is why the show never works!!!!

    I hope afterward he does see how she really is!

  2. Ugghhhhh, Courtney drives me craaaazy. She is so looney! That said, I do think she's really pretty. Her facial expressions and silly antics have got to go. She's cray cray.

  3. Aaahhh I want to slap Courtney in the face haha. She is nuts!

  4. She drives me crazy! This show always has to have at least one insane person to make the show intense. But seriously?! Your missing out on other great ladies by keeping her around! She's nuts!

  5. Oh Glory!! I Love You Girl!! I was thinking that same thing about Courtney. Last night when she said she felt like pulling her hair out, I thought "Here! Let me do it!!"