Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updates and Memorial day recap

Hello everyone!

I hope y'all had a great memorial day weekend. I had to work on memorial day but on Saturday I went downtown to where the Special Operation Museum. They had the grounds decorated with hundreds of flags commemorating veterans. It was beautiful. I spent the rest of my saturday napping and then I went to babysit my friends kiddo's so they could go out for their anniversary. Babysitting a 16 month old and a 5 month old was actually easier than I thought. Too be honest it was quite fun. Def gave me the baby itch

Sunday I had friends over to enjoy the pool. My one friend makes the best Sangria so needless to say we spent a better part of the afternoon laying out and drinking yummy sangria. We also grilled out and it was nice to eat an actual meal for once!

Yesterday after I got off work I had my friend's hubby come over to do some repairs around the house since the hubs is gone. My blinds are fixed and the hard to reach light bulbs are changed. I also finally finished decorating my bedroom and the guest bedroom just in time for my parents visit next weekend. Today after work I even went and rented the Rug dr and shampooed the whole apt. It's been quite a productive few days

So you know how I have mentioned my baby moon to the Dominican Republic. Well I don't think that is going to happen anymore. M still hasn't gotten his leave dates and we had hoped to book the trip this week. Also after doing some thinking I think we should probably do the grown up thing and save money and continue to pay off debt instead of taking a trip. So we compromised and are probably going to go to Destin Florida since in a year we will be moving there. Now the hard part is going to be finding a place to rent that allows two big dogs. So if any of you know of a place to rent in that area let me know

And finally, remember how I have said before that Emily Giffin is my favorite author. Well this past weekend she came into my home town. I had asked my mom a few weeks before if she would go to the signing and get my book signed by her. Well my mom planned on going but then my dad wanted to go up north for the weekend so she had asked if it was ok if she didn't make it. I understood and totally forgot that Friday was the day Emily Giffin was in Milwaukee. Friday night I went to a friends house before going to see SATC2 and as we were leaving for the movie I pulled out my phone and saw I had a voicemail message. Assuming it was my mom I started to listen to it. It was EMILY GIFFIN calling from the book signing. My mom had ended up going and told Emily Giffin about how much I loved her books and she had my mom call my cell so she could say hi. It was so cool!She even said she was planning on coming to Charlotte in a few weeks for a book signing. I've been searching all over the internet for when she will be in Charlotte and where but have come up with nothing. SO hopefully the date will be put out soon. I am def going!! So if any of you are from the Charlotte area and hear anything about it let me know!!!



  1. wow- how cool she called you!! have a great week!

  2. Oh I think Destin is a perfect Babymoon! It is so beautiful there! When I was in training in Alabama, Sam and I would go there on the weekends and a couple times stayed in Destin and a couple times on Eglin (they have really great MWR.) And AMAZING about Emily Griffin!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!

  3. Babymooning in Destin is awesome! I have been there and I love it.


  4. Have you read her new book yet? I did, and it was great just like her other books! She was around my area in NYC, but I was away and couldn't go to the book signing.. :(

  5. That is so cool that she called you! Sounds like a great weekend/Memorial Day.

  6. How cool! Lol. Your weekend was way better than mine! Haha.


  7. We have two dogs, so I feel your pain about renting! However, they are much smaller, so I think that makes it a bit easier.

    Do you have any ideas where you are looking to live? I've heard Crestview is somewhat close to the work area, but we really have no clue where we want to live!

  8. How exciting about Emily Giffen!!

    As far as Destin, try www.vrbo.com or www.homeaway.com (or is it home-away?). It's all individuals who rent their houses, and some of them allow pets. We took a 125 lb Golden & our 10 week old Lab to Hatteras that way!