Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love summer!!

I spent my weekend laying by the pool and reading. It was perfect! It has been over a 100 degrees here in NC and even though I've lived here over a year this Wisconsonite is still getting used to the heat! Hopefuly when M gets back we will be spending our weekends at the beach!

This Sunday I tuned into ABCs new summer lineup. I loved The Gates! I am addicted to anything supernatural related. The Gates is def a show I will continue watching!And True Blodd just keeps getting better and better!

My SIL told me the show Pretty Little Liars was also good. It is on tonight so I may have to try it out. I know it's based on a book series so I may have to start reading it. I know I'm such a nerd

And tomorrow Eclipse comes out! I saw the midnight showing of New Moon but will wait and see Eclipse on Thursday. I am so excited! I read reviews and hear Its the best movie yet. Book wise breaking dawn was my favorite but eclipse closely follows.

What are some of your favorite shows on tv. Has anyone seen or read Pretty little liars. Is it worth it to check out?
And how many of you will be seeing Eclipse!

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  1. I will be seeing Eclipse tomorrow night, I cant wait!! Breaking Dawn is my favorite book of the series as well, I was thrilled when I heard it was going to be made into 2 movies.

  2. I am for sure going to watch Eclipse! :)

  3. Headed to Eclipse at midnight! Eclipse was my favorite book so I'm SUPER excited to see the movie. I have heard rave reviews about it!

    Let me know what you think of Pretty Little Liars because I am also thinking about watching it.

  4. This made me miss reading! I want to do more again!

    The Bachelorette is the only tv show I'm hooked on this summer, and I like having that freedom the other nights! :)

  5. Pretty Little Liars is actually a really good show.. I havn't read the books though. If you start watching tonight you might be a little confused so I'd catch up on the past 3 episdoes on abcfamily.com

  6. I'm waiting for Psych to start up on USA again -- it's my favorite summer show. Well, Psych and Army Wives. As for Pretty Little Liars, it's addicting but soooo confusing! I've watched the last three episodes and I'm still not clear what's going. I'm thinking about checking out the books to see if they're any less confusing.

  7. I decided I would watch the first episode of Pretty Little Liars because I had nothing else to do, and now I'm hooked! I watch it online if I miss an episode now.

  8. We just started watching Persons Unknown on NBC and it's really good. It's hard to find shows that my husband and I both like.

    I'm def going to see Eclipse, but I'll probably wait for an afternoon this weekend so things aren't too crazy.

  9. My roommate loves Pretty Little Liars and The Gates so I might have to start watching them too!But my favorite summer shows as of now are True Blood (LOVE it!) and Royal Pains. RP is so funny and I think the cast has great chemsitry. If you have time, you should check it out!

    And I can't wait for Eclipse. I'm going to see it on Saturday and I'm so excited!

  10. I have a heard a lot of good things about Pretty Little Liars but I haven't seen it yet.

    I wish I was going to Eclipse soon! I don't know when I'm gonna squeeze that in!