Wednesday, June 19, 2013


In a few short days we will be here...

Sanibel island Fl. Heaven on earth. This is my absolute favorite vacation spot and I'm so excited to be sharing a little piece of heaven with the hubby and kiddos.

We leave tomorrow for a two day stop in Orlando where we plan on taking the kids to seaworld. Saturday morning we will get back on the road and head to sanibel

This is our first family vacation. Words cannot describe how much I have been looking forward to this. Not to mention its the first vacation the hubs and I have taken in a few years. Every time he has had leave its been spent going home to visit or families or moving. I mean as fun as that stuff is nothing beats quality time together as a family. Time to relax, recharge and get away from the world for a bit! This trip is def much needed

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  1. Have fun!! I've been trying to figure out somewhere to go...I may look into this =) We're going to the mountains in 2 weeks, but I want to go somewhere else before the summer is over!!