Monday, June 10, 2013

Gianna lately

My little girl will be 2 next month. 2! It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with her.
My world changed completely the day she was born and I can't imagine life without her. Being her mom is the greatest joy and blessing I have ever received

Watching her grow and change every day is a blast! She has such a fun personality and is learning something new constantly. She amazes me so much

I thought I'd do a little update since I haven't done one in awhile

G's favorite show is still bubble guppies but she has started to ask to watch Elmo some days as well

She is a pretty decent eater. Some days she eats a lot, others she picks at her plate. I don't push eat. If she doesn't eat, she doesn't eat. And she also doesn't get snack in between meals. She loves fruits and vegetables and will eat them over a cupcake anyday.

She is still in size four diapers and wears 24 months clothes

She asks to go potty and will sit on her little toilet and wipe but has never actually gone.
She prefers to run out and pee on the floor. Sigh

She knows the noises a dog, cat, monkey, fish, pig, duck, cow, train, lion and babies make

She calls her baby brother E-shee or hey buddy. She loves to try and pick him up but if he touches her or a toy she melts down. Hints of the future to come

She will tell us how old she is but don't try to correct her on the number of fingers she holds up

No and mommy are her no favorite word. She says them thousands of times a day. Repeatedly.

Her favorite toys are her baby dolls and she now must go to bed with all five of her babies and every baby blanket she owns.

She loves shoes! I will find her in her closet trying on all her shoes. A girl after my own heart

She loves water. She will play on the rain, at the pool or on the beach as long as she is around water. Or waa-was as she calls it

She now will point to the tv and comment on what she sees or laugh at whatever show is on.

She changes so much each day I can't get over it.

And with all these exciting new things she is doing comes a little bit of separation. She still loves to cuddle, and give hugs and kisses but our days of cuddling on the couch are long gone. She is becoming more and more independent by the day and while it makes me happy to see how much of a big girl she is it tugs at the heart strings a bit

So I relish every little hug, cuddle and kiss I get. For my little girl is growing up fast

Mommy and daddy love you baby girl.

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  1. AWW she is growing so much and still cute as a button!!! Can't believe she is going to be 2!!!

  2. I can't believe she's already two! She couldn't be any cuter!

  3. i cant believe i have a two year old in 10 days!! where is the time going!? ;) Gianna sounds like such a fun little girl!