Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Princess Arms

From the moment I found out Gianna was a girl I had her whole life mapped out. Well the first few years at least. They were full of dance classes, tumbling and mom and me activities complete with matching tutus, leotards and beautiful pink ballet shoes.

Now most of this activities here in our town can't be started till the child is 3 but the gymnastics studio in town does a mom in tot class for ages 1-3. Score! So the hubs and I signed Gianna up. Giddy with excitement knowing that we were providing our future Olympian, umm daughter with a great start

Yesterday was our first class. I neatly pulled back her hair, dressed her in her cutest onesie and watched with anticipation as G and I walked out onto the floor mat to meet the other moms and tots for our first class. And it wasn't long after that first step onto the mat that my dreams of my daughter being an Olympian died. For Gianna chose that moment to throw an all out temper tantrum. She wanted nothing to do with any of it.

She refused to climb up or slide down the slide, swing on the bars, jump into the out or attempt a somersault. (Mind you these are all activities that she has done before, either at open gym or at home) each and every activity presented to her resulted into her screaming no, throwing herself face first to the ground and screaming. The hubby was
Watching from the observation deck laughing hysterically. The whole hour was spent with me literally picking her off the floor, attempting an activity with her and carrying her from mat to mat. One time the instructor stepped in and worked with her on the balance beam and that quieted her down and made her willing to try. (Hmm, maybe I'm the problem)

And too make all this worse was the mom next to me. With the two year old toddler dressed in a sparkly leotard. Anything this child did was met with constant Instruction from her mom. Princess arms the woman called, point your feet she screamed. Lunge, squat, etc etc. At one point I stopped and looked around for the camera crew of Toddlers and Tiarras. They weren't there

The only part of the class G enjoyed was the very end where the kids all had to line up in a straight line and run, hop, skip or jump across the room. While all the other kids listened and followed instructions Gianna just ran around like a crazy person, calling out Daddy and waving to him. Sigh

I know that in the grand scheme of things Gianna is still young. Not even 2 while most of those kids were 3 and had been taking the class for a few weeks already. So we will stick with it and hopefully it will get better. Next week though its the husbands turn to chase her around the floor mat.

And while my crazy child caught a few eyes of the watching parents, a very heavy mom jumped into the foam pit with her daughter and got stuck. As in couldn't get out. As in needed people to come help her.( I know I'm horrible) but hey it made for a good laugh and a less frustrating time at mom and tot class
And in the poor woman's defense the foam pit is pretty deep!

I may be waiting awhile before I buy Gianna a sparkly leotard but nothing can beat spending time with my daughter

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  1. She got stuck?! Oh man I would have chuckled too. I hope Giana enjoys it more next time.