Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moving Day!

Ever since I met the hubs I knew his unit would be moving to Florida. However when exactly was unknown. When I moved to NC in April of 2009 talks about the move became more frequent. I became frustrated when the hubs would bring up the move. I had just moved thousands of miles away from my family and friends to a small town where I knew no one. I didn't even want to think about moving anytime soon!

Last April I attended my first briefing on the move and allowed myself to get excited. We had always discussed moving to Florida after M's time in the army so this would be the perfect opportunity to see how we liked it.

After these briefings all our friends started planning trips to the area to look for houses. Our initial plan was to rent an apartment for 6 months and then find a house. Then we decided we wanted to rent a house and planned a trip to go down to Florida and scope out the area. Then two pink lines appeared on a pregnancy test and we skipped our trip to Florida.

Now with a baby on the way our plans changed. So in march my dad and I went down to Florida and met with a realtor. We looked at over 20 houses before I found one I really liked and that the hubs liked also. Let me tell you, house hunting with your husband via text message is very hard to do.

But we found one. The sellers are also military, the husband had steady moved to his new duty station overseas and the wife was ready to sell as soon as possible. Before we had even looked at the house she had dropped the asking price by a significant amount. The sellers are also using the Hap program, a govt program for military families that helps them out if they are upside down on their loan. So these families don't have to foreclose their homes.

We offered on the house and the sellers accepted. Now we are just waiting for the Hap program to give us a closing date.

We also agreed to rent the house before the closing date, so once we move to Florida we aren't having to stay on a hotel or find temporary housing while waiting for our moving date

Everything was good to go until last weekend the sellers decided they wanted a $500 security deposit, non refundable if the sale doesn't go through. The husband and I refused. We had already signed the rental agreement they had come up with stating that we didnt owe a security deposit. And our financing and everything was approved so if the sale fell through it wouldn't be on our end. With a baby on the way I didn't feel comfortable shelling out rent money and a security deposit that we may not get back. Since then we would be out that money and a home. Plus the sellers were refusing to fix the repairs for the warranted items on the house.

After we refused the deposit we received a slightly nasty email from the sellers realtor stating that they feel the request for a security deposit is reasonable since they painted the master bedroom for us and dropped their asking price by a significant amount.

This made me mad. Those were things they had done before I even looked at the house let alone offered on it. But we agreed to pay the deposit as long as they fixed their repairs. They agreed but are only fixing the repairs that are not deemed cosmetic. So instead of fighting with these people we are sucking it up so we can move into the house right away.

I can understand where the sellers are coming from. But I find it funny they are placing all these demands and acting like they are cheating them out of money long after we placed an offer on the house, signed the rental agreement and signed all the final paperwork. Especially since the selling of the house is costing them
No money since their using that program. But I don't know their financial situation and I love the house, which we did get for a great price. And at least we can move in and paint before the closing date.

So now I'm just praying the sale does go through. I'm still in shock that we have 5 days left at Bragg before we move. Here's to a whole new chapter for us!

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  1. Good luck in Florida! What a bunch of drama those sellers are causing you when they shouldn't even be asking that.

  2. Can't believe you are moving already! So exciting! I hope the sale goes through quickly!

  3. Wow! I didn't realize all this was going on with your move! I hope that everything smoothes out so that you can have a relatively easy rest of the move.

    I'm glad you're in love with the house though! :)

  4. eeeek i hope everything goes smoothly for you all!

  5. I am totally not trying to burst your bubble but buying a house while still Active duty Military is not such a good idea. Especially since you could move again. I know this from personal experience. Its been a nightmare renting our house out. With the market the way it is right now we have no choice but to rent. We could let it sit empty for months and months only in the end to still pay a few grand. Even with the property management company managing things its still been so stressful. Our house is in WA State and we live in SC. Its awful when something happens and you are thousands of miles away. I went from loving that house to absolutely HATING it and wishing it would just burn to the ground from having to deal with renting it out. Even if you have great renters, it still is a pain to be a landlord. Our first renters were a dream, Army family. Always paid ontime, kept the yard up, house clean, nice to our friends (neighbors) no damage at all. 6months into the lease he got orders and she moved back home with the kids. :o( Although I completely understand and would do the same in that situation, it SUCKED for me as a landlord. it took an additional 6 weeks to find new renters. and it didnt get any better after that.
    I hope to God everything works out better for you and you are in FL a loooong time. and again. I mean no disrespect, I just want to make sure you know how crappy it can be to own a home while Active Duty in the Military.

  6. Good luck to you. I am sure Florida will be a nice change of pace from Bragg!

  7. I hope your housing situation works out better than ours! We're heading down there a bit after you, but I've had a difficult time finding something!

  8. How are you feeling, how is the baby doing, anymore pains. Can not wait to see pictures of the new house