Wednesday, April 20, 2011

25 weeks!

25 weeks down and 15 more weeks to go. I can't believe how fast time is going by.

I feel bigger and bigger each day. Since I hit 22 weeks I feel like I've been packing on the pounds! I have my sugar test next week which I am a little anxious about since I've spent the past week eating a ton of cake from my baby showers and anniversary! I should probably lay off the sugar and start going for weekly walks at night. Now that birthing classes are over I can now go back to my water aerobics classes!

We are pretty much all set for baby girl. I ordered her pack in play, stroller, and carseat this week. The only other things we need to purchase is the crib mattress, bottle Warmer, breast pump, bumbo seat, the moby wrap and her high chair.

Question for all you moms. Are a bottle Warmer and sterilizer necessary. I know you can sterilize the bottles in your dishwasher and that you can't microwave breast milk. Apparently not sure if that is correct or not but I don't want to buy all these things If they aren't necessary and will sit and collect dust!

And prayers needed for my mom. She suffers from bad migraines and today has an MRI because her migraines have gotten worse and she is starting to black out and lose her vision. So If you could please keep my mom in your prayers I'd greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Just said a prayer for your mom. Please keep us updated!
    In my opinion, neither are necessary. I never used either of those. The bottle you can run under hot water if needed or put in a cup of hot water. Honestly, 7 and 1/2 months later.. I stick it right in the microwave! You can sterilize your bottles by putting all the parts in boiling water at first. That's what I did.. then just hand washed them for the rest of the time.
    Good luck and I hope this helped :)

  2. I'll pray for your mom.
    My sister in law had a bottle warmer for my nephew its really easy to use! I'm getting one.
    Make sure you send me pictures of the pack and play and such so I can see! :)

  3. I got a sterilizer as a shower gift and only used it once..really a waste I think. I also never used a bottle warmer. If I was warming up breast milk from the fridge I just heated some water on the stove. When we switched to formula I used room temperature water from the beginning and never had to warm another bottle!

  4. Sending lots of prayers for your mom, I hope everything goes well!

  5. I don't think I ever saw my sister use a sterilizer, but the warmer was a God-send. I know they used it a lot - they had three girls under the age of 5, so standing there running a bottle under the water or changing warm water out every 2-3 minutes would've been a pain. I used the thing all the time and I'm only the aunt, so I know they got good use out of it!

  6. I never had a bottle warmer, I just used the hot sink water. I did use my sterilizer, my son went to Daycare and I brought the bottles home, washed and sterilized them at night, it's also good for pacifiers, which my son was addicted too, and those things were always falling on the floor. You'll figure out what's best for you though!!

  7. You can get microwave sterilizer bags at Wal-Mart (Target, Babies R Us, etc.) It is much easier and small enough to take with you when traveling. You just throw the stuff in, add a little water, close, and microwave.

    As for a warmer: when I did in home child care, I had a little one on breast milk. I bought a small crock pot and left it plugged in with water on low all day. I would stick the bottle in the crock pot and it would heat up very quickly and easily!