Friday, April 29, 2011

The Duke and Duchess

So who watched the royal wedding? I meant to dvr it yesterday but forgot about setting it up since we had a busy day with the packer's coming. I got up at 6:30 this morning though and immediately turned on the ceremony. I loved the pomp and circumstance of it all. I'm just mad at myself for missing her entrance into the Abey.

It was cool to see all the fashion. And those hats. My cousin's husband is from England. Cambridge to be exact. Last summer at their wedding all his female relatives wore hat's and proper two piece skirt suits. How different things are!

Now on to the ceremony

I have to say I loved Kate's dress. Look how beautiful and classic she looked

I do think they as a couple look very happy together. I don't know too much about them except what I've read about Us Weekly. Some of those things not too nice. For example I heard William was a womanizer and only married her because his other girlfriends weren't queen worthy. And I heard she was only interested in the crown. But I hope those are just rumor's and that they do make it as a couple. They truly do look like they love each other. To read more about them I also ordered a book on the couple! What can I say, Im a book nerd.

The Kiss. So sweet

My thoughts..
I don't know how I would feel to have such a formal wedding. As cool as it was I think I would feel as if the wedding was more about other' than about my husband and I. But again I didn't marry a future king!

I def do not like the idea that William won't wear a wedding ring. I'd put my foot down on that!

How many people are now going to name their baby girls Catherine. I guess I should start embracing my full name which I've hated for years!

But one thing I do love is that both William and Harry serve in the military, I believe all important leaders should serve in the armed forces at some point. So go William and Harry!

And to the happy couple. I wish them all the best


  1. I did watch it out of curiosity. It was so formal, but so unemotional and hollow. I wonder how Kate really feels about it. Not exactly how she imagined her wedding I'm sure. But she looked so beautiful and she just glowed. I don't know them but wish them happiness. I don't believe any of those rumors.

  2. I didn't watch it, it came on way too early here for me! (Though i have plenty of friends who got up to watch it!) I am loving all the pics, though! I really think the things US Weekly said about him being a womanizer & her only wanting the crown - RUMORS! How would they know she only wanted the crown? Ridiculous! She looked stunning & it seems like they really do love each other. I wish them all the best! I don't like that he's not wearing a ring!!! I'm w/ you on that! I'd put my foot down!

  3. I didn't watch it. I do hope that they have a happy and fulfilling marriage...and a long one! I often get annoyed at the all hype that surround a wedding (any wedding!) because it is just a that hard work starts:)

  4. I watched!! and I loved it - Kate looked so lovely, and they truly did look happy! 10 years is a long time to be together for just the reasons mentioned in those rumors - I'm going to go with my heart (hopeful for true love as ever) and believe there isn't any truth to them.

    I thought it was an odd tradition for men in the Royal family to not wear wedding rings, and Wills would have been the perfect one to break tradition, but hey - my Hubs doesn't wear a ring either, so I can't say much about it ;)

    I thought it was cool when I heard that they were going to have a small private, more personal ceremony & reception tonight after the formal ceremonies... and I LOVE both of her dresses!!

  5. I set the DVR & woke up to watch at 6:00Am Pacific time. I thought she looked lovely a lot like Grace Kelley. My mom always showed me wedding pictures of Princess Grace. At one time while watching the DVR - we noticed William say to her "I love you" when she looked like she was going to puke-so hopefully this is a good marriage.

  6. I loved every second of that stinkin wedding! It was wonderful, I thought she looked amazing and I just HAD to watch it, I didn't want to miss a darn thing! btw, New follower here!