Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I just started watching Glee this season and I am hooked. I love everything about it! Along with being a book nerd I am also a choir nerd. In high school I took every music class possible and sang in two different choirs. I grew up with show tunes. My mom's parent's were addicted to musicals and every time they babysat me growing up I can remember watching Fiddler on the Roof, an actual opera version of Phantom of the Opera or Oklahoma. I have every cd possible from musicals like Sound of Music to Evita to Les Miserables. I have seen productions of Wicked, Cats and The Phantom of the Opera and I have been known, much to my husband's dismay to randomly bust out a show tune here and there

Too bad my voice isn't like Rachel's however. I only wish it was but I can settle for singing slightly off key to any show tune that comes on my ipod.

Tonight's episode of Glee was fantastic. Not only was the GAGA songs done well but the theme behind the show was amazing.

I could both relate to and sympathize with Kirk and Finn. I, in high school was just like Finn. I tried so hard to fit in with everyone and was so afraid to be different. I love how Kirk embraces his uniqueness without any doubt in his mind. At the same time I could empathize with Finn's point of view. Not only is his mom dating someone new, he is moving into a new house and having to share a room with a Moroccan theme! Poor Finn who loves his sports. My sympathy towards Finn ends there however and watching him last out at Kirk broke my heart. It reminded me that as a society we are constantly treating those who don't fit into societal norms as "different", as freaks. And that many of our derogatory stereotypes and terms that society throws around really do hurt people. It made me take a step back and look at my own actions and think of terms I use that may hurt some one else.
I loved when Kirk's dad stepped in and had his own revelation about his son. Even though someone may be different, they should still be treated with respect. They are still people too.
It reminded me of the kiddo's that I work with. All of my kids are smart, intelligent and so fun to be around. Yet no matter how they are personality or intelligence wise, their label as autistic further labels them as retarded and stupid. Which they are not. Society really needs to step up and stop labeling individuals. It is ok to be different and unique. In fact, it's our differences that make us special

So thanks to Glee tonight for showing that no matter what your sexuality is, or what clothes you wear, or what activities you participate in at school, just because you may be different from what society classifies as "normal". You are not a freak, you are unique and you should embrace it and never hide from who or what you are!
Why would we want to live in a world where everyone was the same?


  1. Wow! thats awesome! I just started watchin Glee on hulu. I love it! I had to get all caught up, and now I have the Gaga episode on the DVR ready to watch when I get a chance!

  2. I too, loved last night's episode! I couldn't agree more that the message was invaluable. Glee always seems to have a way of using great music to send a great message. I am proud to say I'm addicted to Glee.

    I loved the music last night and actually posted a vid from the episode on my page:)

  3. I love Glee!! I am also a Choir nerd!! :)

  4. I love musicals too! I need to get caught up on Glee. I DVR so many things and never get around to watching them.

  5. Glee is one of the hubs and my favorite shows! Kurt is adorable and his dad is so great! The show definately plays on high school stereotype extremes, but I can't help it - it's so good!

  6. The Season is AMAZING!! I will be sad when its the end of the season

  7. I left you an award on my blog!!

  8. I, too, have become a Glee addict. I was hooked right from the start! I have always loved musicals and music. I am a very visual person so I like to watch music more than just listen to it. I love stories behind music. I love watching high school stuff too because it is such a big part of our growing up, those years. There are many lessons we learn from those experiences. Rachel is my favorite. Her voice is beautiful. I think wednesday's episode was one of the best ones yet. I love the performances. I DVR all the Glee episodes and I watched wednesday's episode at leat 8 times. I am going to ask for the season on DVD as well as all the CD's for my birthday next month.