Friday, February 15, 2013

Our First Family Vacation

With the hubby coming home in a few months I went into major vacation planning mode. He will get a month of leave this summer and we knew we wanted to do something or go somewhere just the four of us

This will be our first vacation taking the kids. I am so excited. At first we debated about going home to Wi but quickly squashed that idea. As nice as it would be to see family, we need our own family time. M needs time to readjust to being back, and to adjust to having two kiddos. Not to mention bonding with his son whom he has only spent 2.5 weeks with

We also knew we had to stay somewhere within a decent driving distance. A 10 hour drive tops.

I suggested Sanibel Island Fl. I have gone there numerous times with my family and love it. It's so beautiful. Although we have amazing beaches here in Destin I wanted to go someplace we hasn't been. Someplace that we can't drive to every day. So I called a few places and booked us a condo in sanibel. I'm so excited to spend a week at the beach without worrying about havig to drive home and let the dogs out or about driving back and forth to the beach. One week of uninterrupted family time together! I can't wait

Has anyone ever been to sanibel. Any tips on traveling or vacationing with little kids?

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  1. So excited that you will have a family vacation! :)

  2. Yay for family vacation time. My hubby is getting a month off this Summer too so we are heading to our beach house and this time I am booking a nanny for a week so that I can actually sunbathe and maybe even finish a whole book haha

  3. sanibel... sanibel... is this near Anna Maria Island?? im excited for you and the upcoming family vacation!