Friday, February 22, 2013

Once again

Once again we are sick. It started our with Gianna. Since Saturday she has been whiny, fussy, clingy and sleepy. She has pretty much slept all day this past week. Wednesday she woke up with a huge rash after nap time so off we went to urgent care. Luckily the rash is viral but she has a horrible ear infection. Sigh

What's really hard is that she is getting mad and jealous of her brother. Since she isn't feeling well she wants to be held all the time and if I'm feeding him she throws a fit. I feel so bad. And she won't sleep alone at night. So I've had her, e and two dogs in my bed for the past few nights. Talk about uncomfortable!

Last night G woke up at 1 and didn't fall back asleep until 6. At 830 she woke up. Not going to lie I heard her lean over and say Mommy and I pretended to still be asleep. It didnt work. So now we are all laying in bed watching a movie and I'm drinking a strong cup of coffee

Oh did I mention that E has a fever this morning. With two kids the sickies are never ending

However as exhausting as having two sick kids are the camping out on my bed and all the extra hugs and squeezes I get are priceless. I wouldn't trade them in for anything

Happy Friday everyone

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  1. Oh no! :( I hope you all feel better.

  2. :( I hope they feel better soon!

  3. hehehe pretending to sleep!

    :( i hope they are feeling better soon!

  4. ohmigoodness... we have had never ending sick at our house too. I am sooooooooooooo over it! You can relate, yes? :) Hoping the rest of the sickies leave soon!!!