Monday, July 7, 2014

He's home

Finally after what seemed like the longest depnpyment ever the hubby is home. We went and picked him up Thursday night just in time to celebrate the 4th with our soldier. I have two happy kids and a complete family again. 
Now that daddy's home I've become chopped liver to Gianna. Ethan has become super attached to me however. 

I think both kids are loving not having to fight one parent for attention. Their fighting has gone down considerably along with their temper tantrums. Both have become their usual easy going selves. 

Gianna does cry every time he goes outside or walks out of her sight of vision. She instantly panics and asks me where he went and when he'll be back. Thankfully he will be home for awhile this time and we won't be preparing for him to leave in a few months like usual. I know she will get over her fear of him leaving again and seeing how much she loves him just melts my heart 

We are all enjoying being together once again and trying to adjust as well. Luckily in a few weeks we leave for our vacation and will have a solid week of quality family time without the daily interruptions of everyday life.

Welcome home babe. We've missed you

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